API Consumer Brands History

When Peter Thorburn and Tony Fountain started Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing in 1976, the company's initial focus was over-the-counter pharmacy products, galenicals and assorted toiletries. From its first home on Auckland's North Shore the company enjoyed early success in both domestic and export markets.

In 1987 PSM was sold to Stevens KMS Corporation, who was attracted by the company's strength in areas such as manufacturing flexibility and sales resources.

History.jpgRapid growth saw PSM's turnover grow from $12 million to $40 million in the last 15 years, with staff numbers remaining constant at 200 for the past five years. This growth was achieved without departing from the same essential product categories.

In the mid-1990s PSM relocated to Manukau city, in the southern Auckland region. The company's head office in Norman Spencer Drive is in close proximity to its two manufacturing plants.

Following the merger of PSM with Australian-based Soul Pattinson Manufacturing, the name of both companies was changed to reflect a change in focus – Healthcare Manufacturing Group, or HMG.  This was a short-lived change as soon after, the company again changed names to API Consumer Brands to reflect the name of its owner, Australian-based pharmaceutical company, API.

By remaining in New Zealand based, API Consumer Brands has been able to capitalise on being in tune with local demand. The responsiveness and flexibility that this allows is mutually beneficial to API Consumer Brands and its customers.

Export markets have grown to include Australia, North America, Europe, Asia and the United Arab Emirates.

Whilst Peter and Tony no longer run the business, their value for money philosophy, speed to market and flexibility are characteristics that are still displayed today.

Australian-based API will leverage its extensive distribution and retail networks in the Australian market to grow API Consumer Brands.  This has already been the case with the redevelopment of the pharmaceutical plant to almost double its original capacity.

With an increased focus on innovation and development, the future of API Consumer Brands looks certain to be a long and successful one.

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