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DermaOil is formulated with the key active ingredient, Gotu Kola, a plant extract that assists natural skin healing and restores and locks in moisture.

Gotu Kola has been used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years and contains many nutrients that support the body's vitality.  Gotu Kola contains triterpenoids,  compounds that have been shown to support wound healing. Triterpenoids help to strengthen the skin, increase the concentration of antioxidants in wounds, and support blood supply to help promote healing. This makes Gotu Kola an excellent ingredient in skincare, as it has a pronounced effect on the health of the skin.                                                          



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Vitamin A
An essential skin nutrient necessary for healthy skin maintenance and repair, that helps promote softer, firmer, smoother skin. 
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Vitamin E 
A natural antioxidant that heals and protects skin tissue.
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Calendula Oil  
Calendula Oil is used in skincare for its soothing properties.  It has been shown to promote healing and skin repair.

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Lavender Oil
Lavender Oil is used in skincare for calming the skin and encouraging new cell growth.


Rosemary Oil
Rosemary Oil helps to rejuvenate, purify and condition the skin. 

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Chamomile Oil
Has a calming effect on the skin, by soothing, healing and regenerating. 


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