Pharmaceutical Plant

API Consumer Brands' pharmaceutical plant is the only non-generic licensed medicine manufacturer in New Zealand with therapeutic approval to export to Australia.

It is a New Zealand Ministry of Health (Medsafe) and Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) licensed manufacturing facility, featuring specialised RO water, air conditioning, compressed air and other building services.

The pharmaceutical plant has been recently upgraded, doubling manufacturing capacity and improving services to both internal and contract customers.

The plant is set up to manufacture the following types of product:


WET GRANULATION - via Fielder Granulator & Aeromatic Fluid bed drier.

Batch size = 100 to 225kgs

WET GRANULATION - via Bowl mixer & Tray drier. Batch size = 15 to 55kgs DRY MIX / BLEND - via Ribbon blender.

Batch size = 100 to 260kgs

COMPRESSION - via seven machines with a large range of punches and output speeds.

Batch size = as for granulation

COATING - sugar and spray via pans or Accella-Cota.

Batch size = 35 to 130kgs



Produced in the Press Industria or mobile kettle.

Batch size = 100 to 1000kgs



Produced in the two liquid rooms both fitted with side sweep stirrers, hot and cold jackets and external homogenisers.

Batch size = 1200 to 3700kgs



Produced in the mobile kettle and filled and packed on the Bonnapacci.

Batch size = 2000 pkts of 12

The plant can pack the above manufactured products as follows:

Blister Pack 

Five blister packers can pack tablets, lozenges and capsules (PVC /foil) into many different platform configurations. They are then cartonned by hand or machine.


Tablet Bottle Pack 

Tablets and capsules can be counted into many different bottles with appropriate labels, cartons and shippers.


Liquid Bottle Pack 

Syrup, lotions and suspensions can be filled into many different styles of bottles with appropriate labels, cartons and shippers.


Tube Pack 

Creams and ointments can be packed into metal, plastic or plastic laminate tubes.

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