Personal Care Manufacturing:

API Consumer Brands personal care plant is a purpose-built wet production manufacturing and packing plant with DI water and CIP systems to ensure cleanliness and product quality.

The personal care research and development department is characterised by the latest equipment and highly qualified staff. Computer integrated instrumentation allows our researchers to conduct a wide variety of physical, chemical and biological analysis with relative ease.

Our vast experience and ability to scale manufacturing according to demand means we are able to quickly and easily respond to consumer demands, with batch sizes from 50 to 3,000kgs.

Our personal care plant is set up to hot and cold manufacture a wide variety of tank and kettle combinations, including:

  • Bath & Shower Personal Wash
  • Baby Care
  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Personal Care
  • Deodorants
  • Homecare

Packing Capabilities:

  • Tubes – heat seal
  • Round pots
  • Round bottles
  • Flat bottles
  • Sachet filling
  • Shrink wrapping into packs


  • Wrap around labelling for round pots and bottles
  • Front and back labelling for flat bottles
  • Over labelling for export requirements
  • Batch coding / expiry dating
  • Security seal / tamper proof

Personal Care Plant

Our personal care plant is home to a constantly evolving range of products that are developed with the aid of the latest research and development technologies.

For more information on contract manufacturing, please contact our Contract Manufacturing Department:

(Within NZ) 09 279 7979

(International) +64 9 279 7979